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This is a copy of the email I recieved. It didnt set right with me and I was wondering if anyone else had received it.

Dear Scottie Marlow,

My name is Valery Kubishkin.

As SoftFocus, Inc's top manager I am in charge of our performance control and further business development in the US. I am also involved in advising and attracting new employees. I have reviewed your resume and believe you have a good chance to receive the position of a Financial Manager. Please read below for more information on our company.


SoftFocus, Inc is a company of Web solutions and Software development provider. We have an extensive experience in web-systems development more than 6 year sprivate individuals around the world.Although we are currently headquartered in Moscow, Russia., the arms of our innovation have reached the four corners of the planet. We maintain a direct and diligent marketing process in the United States, and repeatedly offer services that are ahead of the industry "curve" in both pricing and quality. Our advantages lie in certain benefits our American clientele experience that only an overseas company can provide:

1. We are able to offer similar products for lower than standard pricing; we are able to cheaply staff our Moscow office

2. Our Home Office is staffed with industry experts with over 8 decades of combined experience

Business Name: SOFT FOCUS, INC.Address: JOSEPH A. COLEMAN;340 CASIASATELLITE BCH., FL 32937Tax ID (FEIN): 592229142Duns Number: 07-985-6642Reference Name: FLORIDA BUSINESS REGISTRATIONS

Copy of all documents you may see on our site:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why SoftFocus, Inc only hire US citizens and residents?

When we initially started operations in the United States, we experienced some issues with US trade laws that can be summarized into two different problems:

All financial services operations have to take place inside the USACustomers cannot make payments to a company don't have offices inside the US, even if the company is an industry leader around the world. Our Home Office is located in Russia, which is why customers are not able to directly transfer money (payments for our designs) to our office in Russia.

Under US law, the funds must be deposited into the account of the Financial Manager of Staffing Solutions that resides in the USA. Then, it is the Financial Manager's responsibility to transfer the funds to our business in Russia.

The company has to be registered in the US tax administration, which we have already finished. By maintaining a Financial Manager in the US, we are able to solve both of these problems and continue to help the companies that need us in the USA.


We are looking for a Financial Manager.


1. bank checks2. wire transfers3. certified funds


The Financial Manager will be entitled to 5% of all completed transactions. The maximum turnover handled by a single manager is limited the by company's policy and is set at $100,000 per month.

Thus the maximum monthly pay will constitute $3,000-5,000.


4. TIME COMMITMENT2-5 hours per week

IMPORTANTWe also have a business proposal for US company owners and managing directors. Private US businesses can accept funds from our customers with no limitations with a monthly turnover of up to 10 million US dollars. Their profit is set at 7.5% of the turnover and may constitute $200,000 monthly. Please apply if you have a legal running business and are interested in this offer.

A sample of your Employment Agreement will be enclosed in my next e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully,Personal ManagerValery Kubishkinwork e-mail:

Review about: Job Opportunity.



This is a well put together scam. The main goal of this "company" is to find US business owners that, due to the economy, are needing to supplement their income in order to keep their business afloat.

Once a person replies with interest in the "program" the "company" will then send an email requesting bank account numbers in order to be able to transfer funds from US to Russia.

This is bogus since any business outside of the US that has customers who are in the US are able to receive payment via electronic checks and credit/debit cards. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS!!!!!!


I too received that email in Apr 2008. I haven't yet been able to independently verify any info in the email.

So, as you say it is suspicious. I think it is a scam.

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